For over 100 years, the public has been denied access to the 16.5 acres of private property atop this incredible bluff-top gem in north Del Mar.

With this private status, the bluff has not had the funding or resources needed for continued ecological maintenance; nor have preservation practices been put in place to protect it from ongoing erosion occurring from sea-level rise.
Marisol will integrate into
the natural environment and become

a steward of the bluff

Our Environmental Commitments

The Marisol plan embraces a high standard of sustainability and environmental responsibility, and is dedicated to:
Bluff Stewardship

Bluff Stewardship

A comprehensive conservation plan addresses erosion and runoff diversion, building setbacks and adaptive design—with no bluff armament or revetment.
Sand Replenishment

Sand Replenishment

For the first time, Del Mar will have a dedicated revenue stream to fund sand replenishment, privately funded through a dedicated annual contribution.

Marisol will follow all procedures required under the California Environmental Quality Act and will require approval by the California Coastal Commission.