A Yes Vote
on Measure G
Bluff Access
For Everyone

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Learn More

For the first time in over a century,
this incredible site will be available
for the public to enjoy.

  • Acres of open space
  • Accessible Trails
  • Unobstructed Views
  • Beach-to-Bluff Stairway
  • World-Class Amenities

A No Vote
Restricted Access

This iconic 16.5 acre bluff is currently privately owned and zoned for 14-16 large, view obstructing gated mansions.

We strongly believe this coastal gem should serve a greater purpose within our community.

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Public access & community benefits
OR a few private residents?


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The Bluff’s
With access comes further enhancement and protection for this coastal gem
We listened.
We heard you.
Reduced by 40%, retaining abundant open space for
public enjoyment
A plan bountiful with extraordinary public and economic benefits

Marisol will be put
to a public vote in 2020.

If you believe the current zoning of 14-16 gated mansions should be changed to open up public access and community enrichment to this incredible site, vote YES on Measure G.